How to take your business online

How to take your business onlineIn this age, it is almost imperative that you have a digital presence of some sort. So whether in the form of a website of your organisation, a blog or an Insights App for your customers, you must plan to be online in some form. Going online gives yourself and/or your brand an identity, an exposure to your audience and eventually be known for yourself, your company or your products that you are trying to promote. The world is going digital in the hope that their online presence can generate a lot of inquiries and eventually recognition and/or business for them.

You are reading this page. This means you are seriously considering

  • taking your business online by creating a new website or a mobile app OR
  • upgrading your existing website.

Great! The difficult part is over! It is often the most difficult decision (believe me!) whether to go online or not. The hesitation is mostly influenced by the following apprehensions:

  • How to go about it?
  • Who will do it? How will I find the right people to do it?
  • Freelancers or Businesses to create it?
  • What will it cost me?

Now to the simpler part of creating a website for your business!


This entire post is distributed into 3 parts.

  1. General information.
  2. Register your site in Google Webmasters for searches and Analytics for analysis of traffic. Slightly more detailed – Linking it all up
  3. Most Important FORGET-ME-NOT topics with respect to your website

Your website will require the following things:

  1. A Domain.
  2. A good Content Management Framework
  3. Website Hosting.
  4. A couple of good ways to figure how to make your site popular.
  5. Mechanism to conduct online business (E-commerce, Order placement, etc.)
  6. A Mobile Application

To manage the post less boring, I have turned the post in a series dedicating each step to a component of taking your business online.

Jay Pagnis

Jay leads an IT startup, BRIQUE, full of crazy technical geniuses for the past 6 years. Apart from BRIQUE, Jay helps startups grow by rendering his services as a Part Time CTO.

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